White Trash Matt
Welcome to White Trash Matt (dot) com.

I own Low Tide Tattoos in Jessup, Maryland and Melbourne, Florida.

I Tattoo by appointment ONLY at the Melbourne Florida Location
Low Tide Tattoos
1905 Municipal Lane unit 102
Melbourne, Florida 32901
Mondays- Saturdays from 12-6pm.

I travel to the Maryland location to tattoo every few months. If you would like to get put on my email list for appointment availability, please send a message to Matt@LowTideTattoos.com with your contact information and I will get back to you.

I enjoy tattooing anything aquatic, ocean related, and anything with bold lines and bright colors. I also enjoy doing illustrative tattoos, micro tattoos, black and gray cover ups.

I respectively do not DISCUSS or GIVE PRICE QUOTE's over the internet or telephone, every piece is unique. Appointments are made in person with a deposit that will go towards the tattoo.